Sunday, September 5, 2010

my first day at onshore... never ever imagined this will happen so soon in my
life...everything happened so quickly.. i was not prepared mentally to leave my sweet home
soon after getting my long time aim to work from chennai...

One thing tat puzzles me... always i used to be nervous when ever i do anything for the first
time... But to my surprise my first air travel was nervous though, but my entry to a new
country did not make me feel nervous... My entry to a new work location did not make me feel
uneasy... yea the culture is different but like the work culture here... the way people greet
others whom they even know before...Its different but we should accept things that are good
in any culture....

One thing for sure i miss my home badly... Food is obviously new but soon will start cooking... the biggest
punishment i can give to myself...

Now i completed my 100 days stint away from home, i turned to look back the path... i cannot imagine i worked so much than ever before.. Its not i was pressurized to do so but i like the work and new challenges...i havent worked more than 12 hours in office before but in this short span i worked for nearly 24 hrs not once but twice. OMG is it me who have jus worked 8 hrs a day and that too most of the time in cafeteria... (I pinched myself,,ouch its not a dream :)) sending emails to offshore, offshore calls, escalations, onsite coordination, client interaction, pizzas, burgers, salmons, casadia's, sushi's, chicken nuggets, spinach, dounets, mexican gumbo last but not the least working on a laptop and that too macprobook.. the list is never ending...
how can i forget my cooking, not bad at all i cook pretty decent...

The life over here is the same but the terms used are totally different..
here they call
lady'sfinger - Okra,
petrol - Gas
ground floor - first floor
currency - bill
bill - cheque
chillies - peppers
weight - pounds and ounces
parcel - to go
cycle - bike
curd - yogurt
bun - bagel
biscuits - cookies

there are more, these differences simply confuses a innocent like me:( i would not blame this as this is their world and i have entered this den. So as the saying goes "when in rome (do as the romans do)" i do not want to do what they do but get used to the things here..
i need one more birth to understand this culture:)

Few ppl i have met they are crazy abt US life style, it is their interest but i wonder why i am not like them...I always love to be in india and that too Chennai throuoghout my life...
Is that something wrong with me, no way as said in my previous post i wanna be myself thats it....

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