Friday, January 8, 2010

Being BLIND!!!!!!!!!!!

The word blind means “sightless” according to thesaurus and as per dictionary it means “Destitute of the sense of seeing, either by natural defect or by deprivation; without sight.”. Does it really related to a person who is not able to see anything through his vision? I don’t agree with that. I wondered is that true, but let me pen down few things that stroke in my mind.Last week I saw a Blind person A (According to the dictionary) he is sightless. He was singing in a reality program. The anchor of the show introduced him saying that he has sung in as many as 3000 stage shows and a very special person and first one of his kind (visually disabled) to participate in the show. Then also I never minded about the anchor calling him blind.Let me brief about the TV show is all about winning 5 lacs on singing songs from diff category of the participant choice. They need to sing it by seeing the lyrics on the display screen flashed in front of them. At some point of time the lyrics will be left of blank and the participant has to complete it with the correct lyrics. So on successful completion of each category they will get a prize amount and on crossing 8 such hurdles they will win the final prize. So imagine how difficult its goona be for a “normal person” (A person with eyesight). So 3 lifelines were provided to the participants. One among those help lines were phone-a-friend. Our hero MR.A told that he doesn’t need the above lifeline and he can manage on his own. This really stunned me and I was surprised with my JAW open.I wondered what a confidence this person has and laughed within myself as the world says he is blind. I took a step back in my mind on how this world (Including myself) defines the word “blind”. The show started and he chose a song from a category and started singing (obviously without seeing the display which he could not). Poor chap was not aware where the blank is and kept on singing till the end of the song. The anchor surprised and told A u have crossed the hurdle and your memory is awesome. U sang the blank part and continued singing. It amazed me a lot. Even though his expertise in stage singing would have helped him, the kind of confidence and memory jus made me dumbstruck. So I questioned myself should they be considered disabled? Na, they shouldn’t be. They are just blind by vision but not by will and determination, they can’t see but they can make others see what they are capable of.He crossed 2 such stages and reached the 3rd round where he missed by a whisker but to tell the truth he deserved to be the true winner. Now I think blind doesn’t mean a person who cannot see but I would say a person is blind only when he can’t think for himself, I would call a person blind if he is not determined with confidence and will power. I would call a person blind if he cannot handle things on his own ( I actually mean a looser in this context).


  1. Totally concur with you! Great post, keep it up!

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