Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our first hero/heroine.

Last week i met my cousin with his kid. The little kid was very active and he asked me a question. The question was very simple for me, "how many alphabets are there in english?" . Sounds silly right:) though it was easy for me i told 26. The kid did not accept it at the first go. Instead he verified the answer with his father and then after his confirmation accepted it:)

So it reminded me of my early days. If we look back, we would hav learnt many things from our parents. DUring those days we take everything for granted whatever our parents say. Starting from eating with right hand to knowing things. Our mom will teach us about our basic habits/relationships. Our father teaches about the external world. So we move so closely with our mom and father will be like mentor. We treat them as our Heros/Heroines. Isn't it?

But once we grow up, we get to know many things by watching television, reading news paper and from many other media. At times we do argue with them. Imagine once we considered them as our heros/heroines, but later we mite forget what had happend in the past. For any building (whatever may be the height) the foundation is very important. Though the foundation is not visible, we can't regret it's importance. Likewise whatever heights we reach the base is built by them. So we would have reached that peak without their base.

We can admire any person at any stage of our life ,but always our parents are our first heros/heroines.Think about it, you will know I am correct :)

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